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ZIKMI is a digital networking application for guitarist with dedicated features. We offer to guitarists a new way to connect and interact with their peers.

Your Story

Here's the story of the life of your guitar. Where you have played, what's your favorite setup, and more !


Selling your guitar? Buying a new one? Here's the history of your instrument for safekeeping, or the next owner


Create the unique "passport" for your guitar and use our search engine to buy in confidence.


You choose which guitar profile you share with the community. Privacy is our priority: we don't sell or share your data.

Made for you !
Your guitars, amps and effects

With Zikmi, you can easily manage profiles and histories of your guitars, bass guitars, amps and effects. Add your guitars or pre-registered guitars into your Zikmi personal collection. (Pre-registration is available for brands and shops)

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ZIKMI features
for the active guitarist.

Guitar news, selling tools, missing instrument alert, guitar search engine and more ....

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Amazing Features

Amazing and cool features for you, manage your instrument history, use our search engine, selling tool, missing alert...

A service by guitarists for guitarists

Zikmi was created by guitarists, for guitarists. Join us. Send your feedback to enrich Zikmi for global guitarist's community.


Your guitar's story will inspire those who play it.


Lost or stolen guitar? We'll spread the word everywhere, until its found.


If you are a professional player or a celebrity, we could certify your profile just click here. It will also certify the history of your guitar.


The privacy of your information is our priority. You chose what's public or not - for your guitars, amps, effects.


Guitar brands, music shops or second hand web shops... let's partner. Contact us!

why use ZIKMI

While you and your guitar craft music history, ZIKMI keeps it alive and safe.

how it works

Download the Zikmi App. Create your profile and open your collection. Welcome to Zikmi!


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Manage your guitars, amps and effects. Add a guitar or pre-indexed guitar to your collection and share your story.

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Download the app, it's free and it is the easiest way to use ZIKMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Why pay ?

Ans: ZIKMI is 100% free. But to make the app clean and comfortable for you we will not have advertising in the App. So some new futur features may be payable.

Question: What's lifetime ?

Ans: Once a guitar is registered as "premium", it stays premium for ever... even if it transfers to a new owner.

Question: How do I get a certified profile ?

Ans: If you're a professional guitar player, a recognized entertainer or a celebrity, ask us to certify your profile. It's a personalized certification process that may take a few days.

Question: What happens when my instrument is reported missing?

Ans: We raise a global alert. With a message on the site to look out for your serial number. We work with leading second hand and vintage music websites to link our database for instruments logged for sale on their platforms.

Question: What kind of partnership do you offer?

Ans: Win-win - let's work together. If you're a brand, a manufacturer, a luthier, or music shop. Fill in the form, we'll get right back to you.

Question: How can I see if my guitar has been pre-registered on ZIKMI by a brand or a store?

Ans: Every registered guitar is tagged, showing your guitar has been pre-registered.