I've been looking for an app like this for a long time and now it's finally here. Great!

Alex Rabaut

Now it is easy for me to manage my collection.

Nicolas Windelincx

I hope that they would make more guitar lovers dedicated stuffs! Love it!

Lorenz Chartier

Who am I kidding? This app helped me to meet new guitarist friends. Big thanks to its developers.

Brian Franco

It is not a social network, it's a community! Here people understand my love for guitars.

Oscar Javier Martinez

The Story

Keep record of your guitar’s life, the place you played, your favorite setup, the customization you made.

Sell or Buy

Buying second hand guitars is easy … but selling or buying a guitar with its own history is an other experience!


Get easy access to the latest guitar news from all over the world.


Smart Tag

You can link your guitar to the app with our SMART Tag, only available through certified partners.


Connect with guitar lovers worldwide, discuss, exchange info and more.


Your privacy is our priority. You chose what information from your collection you will share.


Made for your guitars, amps and effects

With Zikmi, you can easily manage profiles and histories of your guitars, bass guitars, amps and effects. Add your guitars or pre-registered guitars into your Zikmi personal collection. (Pre-registration is available for brands and shops)

Documents vault

In the document section, you can keep a record of your valuable documents like certificates, invoices, … even if the guitar is public, this section remains private.


Add story to your instruments, where you have played, the latest strings you have used, the customization you have made…you name it.

Declare missing

Lost or stolen guitar? We'll spread the word everywhere, as loud as we can with our partners until you let us know you found it back.


Your guitar's story will inspire those who will play it. With ZIKMI the history of a guitar follows the guitar when you sell it … just push “transfer”.


Share pictures, message or YouTube videos with your network!


Find users by their name … or by their gear.

Get Followers

Inspire other guitar lovers that will understand your passion! Or become a ZIKMI certified expert!

Private message

Send private messages with our inbox feature.

A social community for guitar lovers.

ZIKMI allows you to connect with other users, follow or be followed. As a user, an artisan, a guitar specialist or even a brand or a media. Your feed is based on the timing, newest post on top. No ADS, if you follow a brand you will see its posts, if you don’t follow you won’t see it.


How to protect your guitar with the ZIKMI Smart Tag

Put a ZIKMI SMART TAG on your guitar, that our technology will signal your guitar, then it will be encoded and traceable via Zikmi.

1Download And Create Your User With The ZIKMI App On Your Smartphone

Download the app, it's FREE and it is the easiest way to use ZIKMI. Just browse through the apps on the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore. Click on Install and voila you're done.

Just go to your collection and add an instrument, with as many details you want and don't forget the serial number.

Do as you want, our SMART TAG could be scanned through wood or other non metal parts. We also a a specific TAG that could be placed on metal parts.


Made For You, Your Guitars, Amps And Effects

With Zikmi, you can easily manage profiles and histories of your guitars, bass guitars, amps and effects. Add your guitars or pre-registered guitars into your Zikmi personal collection.

Pre-registration is available for brands and shops
Guitar news, selling tools, missing instrument alert, guitar search engine and more ...

A SMART TAG For A Smart Protection

The ZIKMI SMART Tag, is the perfect way to show that your guitar is traceable on ZIKMI. Our TAG can also be placed at the factory by the manufacturer.

FAQ Details

"What Is In It For You" Video

ZIKMI was created by guitarists, for guitarists. Join us. Send us your feedback to enrich ZIKMI's global guitarist's community. Enjoy amazing and cool features for you, manage your instrument history, use our search engine, selling tool, missing alert...

Guitar brands, music shops or second hand web shops... let's partner. Contact us! info@zikmi.com

Our goal is to Inspire guitarist and musicians by enhancing their musical experience in a connected ecosystem. Zikmi's business model is based in offering solutions to real needs to industry and users. You should also check out our Privacy Policy. Any questions, just ask!

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Solutions for Brands, Shops And Luthiers

Our app covers different fields from protection against forgery to traceability and user experience improvement. Contact us to learn how ZIKMI for Business can fits you needs.


No More Illegal Copies

Pre-register your products into ZIKMI to avoid illegal copies.


Documents & Certificates Transfer

Add documents in the documents vault means no more missing certificates.


Shops & Luthiers Welcome

A new services for the shops and a perfect tool for the luthiers too.


Products Registration

Raise your products registration giving it more value with this digital link.


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Use the contact form to send us a message or ask for a meeting, we have hot coffee, cool guitars and an infinite passion for music too.

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